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Trolleyme Stroller (Stone, Black)

Chicco TrolleyMe homologated from 0 kgs to 15 kgs. The stroller you can carry like a trolley!

Recommended Age: 0 Month+

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Chicco baby strollers are preferable by every parent to make their child feel free, safe, and comfortable. TrolleyMe is one of the best strollers for your baby, as Chicco designs it by keeping in mind the maximum safety and comfort of the baby. 

Features of Chicco baby stroller: 
1. Carry your stroller like a Trolley: You can carry the stroller like a trolley. Once it gets folded, you can convert it into a trolley for your use and ease. 
2. Folding System: It is a compact and fast folding stroller. It becomes self-standing when it gets folded. 
3. Homologated to 15Kg: This Chicco baby stroller can carry babies of around four years or up to 15 kgs. 
4. Bumper Bar: The stroller features a bumper bar with a frontal opening. You can quickly and comfortably place the baby on the seat. When you fold it, the bumper bar can get doubled up and act as a handle. 
5. Wide seat: The baby stroller offers a comprehensive and comfortable seat. It also has padded shoulders and a padded crotch strap along with a comfy chair. 
6. Double functioning: The leg rest is also supported along with the handle and provides double functioning of the stroller. It offers extra comfort for the baby. 
7. Backrest: The length of the stroller in a lie-down position is 85 cm. The backrest can be easily adjusted in numerous situations. 
8. Canopy: TrolleyMe has a window mesh that helps in increasing the visibility of the baby.  
9. Comfortable: It offers comfort to babies through padded shoulders and crotch straps.
10. Rain cover: Chicco baby stroller is designed to offer rain cover to keep the baby safe from all weather conditions. 

Product Description: 
Chicco's TrolleyMe Baby Strollers are designed in a way to offer total comfort, luxury, and safety to your child. They are pretty handy and easy to carry. Your baby feels completely protected and comfortable in this stroller while you can engage yourself in other work. You can fold your stroller into a trolley when needed and make your job easier. TrolleyMe baby strollers are available at reasonable prices. These strollers are worth the price.

Consumer Benefits: 
Let's look at some of the advantages that Chicco baby strollers offer to babies and parents. 

●    Provides emotional comfort: When babies are placed on strollers facing the outside area, they look at you and how you talk, behave and react. It creates emotional support for babies and makes them feel safe and free.
●    Best for the development of a baby: Babies crave their parent's faces and attention. When you interact with them, they too learn social exchanges. It helps them in growing and developing their minds. Babies start learning how to interact with people socially. 
●    Offers more support, comfort, and peace: Babies' bodies are delicate and weak. Their head and neck region require extra support. Chicco baby strollers are designed to offer additional support and care to the baby through a wide seat, canopy, and backrest. 
●    Can help them nap better: Studies have proved that babies sleep better in strollers than anywhere else, as they feel relaxed and safe. 
●    Easily monitor your baby: You can easily monitor and keep a check on your baby when they are lying on the stroller.
●    Peace of mind: Seeing your baby lying on strollers gives you immense peace and satisfaction. 
●    Develop a good bond between you and your baby: You can more likely have eye contact with your baby when they are in the stroller. It helps in making a good relationship between a child and parent.

Do’s and Don’t
●    Always stay close to your child when he/she is in the stroller. 
●    When your child is in a stroller, ensure that it is adequately buckled and your child is safe. 
●    Avoid carrying hot things in the stroller. 
●    Keep your stroller in a cool and dry place, and avoid it from wet areas. 
●    Before using a stroller, make sure that your child has control over its neck and head. 
●    Always look into the guidelines of a particular stroller, as it varies. 

●    Never hang any bag or heavy thing on the stroller as it causes improper balance on a stroller. 
●    To avoid the stroller from rolling, use stroller brakes while stopping or standing. 
●    Avoid using strollers on stairs and escalators. 
●    Never carry more than one child on a stroller.

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Generic Name: Stroller
Net Quantity: 1N
Country of Origin: China
Dimensions(in mm): L:460 x W:220 x H:600
Gross Weight (in gm): 8610
Warranty: Artsana India warrants its products against manufacturing defects for a period of 6 Months from the date of purchase. This warranty is void if the product is misused, altered, tampered with or is installed or used in a manner that is inconsistent with specifications and/or instructions.

Homologation : From birth to 15Kg

Dimensions Open (in cm): 49.5 x 84 x 103
Dimensions Closed (in cm): 49.5 x 24 x 59
Product Weight: 7.1Kg

  • Manufactured by : ArtsanaS.p.A. via Saldarini Catelli, 1-22070 Grandate ( COMO), Italy
  • Imported & Marketed by : Artsana India Private Limited, 7th Floor, Paras Twin Towers, Sector-54, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon 122002.
  • Care & Maintenance:
    This product requires regular maintenance. Please refer to the care label for instructions on cleaning the fabric parts. 
    Periodically wipe clean plastic parts with a soft damp cloth. 
    Always dry the metal parts to prevent the formation of rust if the stroller has come into contact with water. 
    The seat cover cannot be removed. Clean the fabric parts using a wet terry towel and neutral soap. 
    If necessary, lubricate the moving parts with dry silicone lubricant. Regularly check the condition of the wheels and clean off all dust and sand.
    Please refer to the instruction manuals for complete care and maintenance instructions.

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