Weaning and autonomy in the child

Weaning is a delicate path, not only from a nutritional point of view but also and especially as regards the development of autonomy in the child. It is therefore important to guide your child in this fascinating path of awareness, where you can discover yourself, bite-by-mouth, more autonomous and independent.

Respect his times

First of all we must try to respect the baby's time, favoring this delicate passage in a serene way. No forcing or imposition, will be the child to manifest the first signs of openness to change, distracting during the feeding and showing curiosity about what they eat the parents or older siblings.

Avoid any forcing

In any case, food must be offered without impositions, even through subsequent attempts. Despite the curiosity of the child, in fact, the mistrust towards new foods is normal and any forcing risks generating a waste that will last over time.

At the table with a smile

The moment of feeding must not be accompanied by anxieties and tensions, the food should not be used as a reward or punishment, because the attitude towards the food that accompanies the child until adulthood depends on the attitude of the parents.