Why bring the baby into the baby carrier

From the first months of life to transport your baby you can choose the baby carrier, an accessory that guarantees a constant and prolonged physical contact with your baby. Let's discover together why use the baby carrier to bring the children.

The importance of physical contact

The physical contact between mother and child is important for both, especially during the first weeks of life, when the intense and exclusive relationship experienced during pregnancy is missed.

Bring the baby with the baby carrier, therefore, will have on you positive, immediate and lasting effects. You can take care of him at all times and strengthen your confidence and confidence in yourself as a mother, and in your ability to be able to understand and satisfy the needs of the child.

A precious freedom of movement

Trapping the baby with the baby carrier can guarantee you an important freedom of movement. You can move from one room to another or decide to take a walk outside the house without too much logistical efforts and with the peace of mind to always have your little one under control. With the baby in the baby carrier you will be tempted to try your hand at home. Be careful, first of all you must always protect the child's safety, avoiding any activity that could expose him to shocks or other domestic accidents.

The contact also with the father

For the father the use of the baby carrier is a wonderful opportunity to be in close contact with your child and get to know each other. The early and prolonged contact with the baby, guaranteed by the baby carrier, is an important opportunity for the father to get to know him and start a path of mutual exchange that will foster an early recognition of the father as a significant figure and therefore the creation of the bond of father attachment. son.