Choose a seat for large children

In every phase of its growth the child needs a different car seat that knows how to guarantee maximum safety and protection. Let's find out how to choose the best seat for big children.

“Mom are great!” The right seat from 3 years upwards

The children grow up fast and it happens that, as early as 4 years old, they start to feel big, so big they do not want to sit in the baby's seat anymore.

However, we must remember that our cars and safety devices (airbags and belts) are designed with the safety of an adult, not a child.

For this reason, the car seat continues to be essential because it is the only way to protect children, even the largest ones.

To choose the best seat for a child over 3/4 years, a few simple parameters must be evaluated.

Why choose a seat with the backrest

The presence of the back and the possibility or not of adjusting it is certainly one of the most important elements to consider when choosing a car seat for a big child.

The backrest in fact ensures the right protection of shoulders and head in the event of a side impact and the correct positioning of the car's safety belt on the shoulders of the child.

It is also important to make sure that the backrest can be adapted in height and independently: this will guarantee correct protection and maximum comfort in all stages of growth (15-36 kg, approximately between 3 and 12 years).

If you want the top of safety and stability, just choose a seat with rigid connectors to fix the seat even more securely to the car through FixPlus hooks and make it more stable.

Last but not least, it is possible to recline seat and back to ensure maximum relaxation for the child and to prevent the head from dangling during the journey.

The Chicco Oasys 23 Plus Plus Evo car seat, for example, is designed to follow the growth of the child from 3 to 12 years, step by step, adapting in height and width. Thanks to a wide and comfortable seat, it offers the right protection in the event of a side impact and is equipped with the innovative Safe Pad safety system.

Until when is the use of a car seat mandatory?

Depending on the country, the highway code defines whether the obligations to use the car seat is up to 135 or 150 cm. In Italy children must use a car seat up to 150 cm in height.

When and how to use the upside?

On the market there are also risers or boosters (seat without backrest).

Chicco recommends choosing seats with backrest as they represent the best solution for transporting children: they provide optimal protection in the event of a side impact and the correct positioning of the diagonal belt on the shoulders of the child. The use of the booster is recommended only for older children.

Starting from January 2017 all new homologations without backrest will be allowed only for children over 125 cm, in other words they will only be approved in Group 3.

This innovation concerns only the backless booms of new development, so the increases (or boosters) available on the market and approved gr. 2/3 (15-36 kg) can still be used and sold.

It is essential, therefore, to choose carefully and consciously the right traveling companion for your child, who knows how to ensure maximum safety and protection, year after year, kilometer after kilometer.