Choose the baby seat

From your first car trip home, the car seat is essential to welcome the newcomer in complete safety. Here are some tips for a reasoned and conscious choice..

The car seat is the first little trick we take to protect our baby and keep it safe from the risks of the outside world.

It is therefore essential to choose the best car seat model , which is able to guarantee safety and comfort to the small and practical and speedy use of parents.

Ovetti or convertible seats

For newborns it is possible to choose between two types of child seats: convertible small beds or seats.

The former are sold inside modular systems and are child seats approved from birth up to 13 kg in weight. They can be clipped with a simple click on the stroller and used in cars for the first discovery trips.

One egg (Gr. 0+ - 0-13 kg) is designed to accommodate children from the first days of life.

The egg must always be installed against the direction of travel by following the blue belts and deactivating the airbag if present.

It is equipped with a mini-reducer cushion that ensures the semi-lying position of the child, ensuring the correct posture of the head, neck and trunk.

Convertible or multi-group seats, on the other hand, are those seats that follow more stages of the child's growth.

Installed against the direction of travel are suitable for newborns up to 13 kg (indicatively 15 months), thanks to the presence of mini-reducer cushions that properly receive and protect the child.

Why install it against the direction of travel?

Regardless of which model you choose, the seat should be installed against the direction of travel at least up to 15 months of the child.

Many studies, in fact, show that positioning the seat against the direction of movement avoids exposing the child to potential risks of injury or trauma to the head and neck, because they are properly supported and the forces that are generated in case of impact are distributed on a larger area.