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Mysa Stroller Black Satin
( 10% off)
₹40,491.00 ₹44,990.00
Best Friend Pro Stroller (Pirate Black)
( 13% Off)
₹30,441.30 ₹34,990.00
Bravo Quick Fold stroller (Black)
( 13% Off)
₹26,091.30 ₹29,990.00
Cortina Cx Stroller (Baltic, Blue)
( 14% Off)
₹21,491.40 ₹24,990.00
Cortina Cx Stroller (Red)
( 14% Off)
₹21,491.40 ₹24,990.00
Cortina Cx Stroller (Jet Black)
( 14% Off)
₹21,491.40 ₹24,990.00
Goody Plus Stroller (Indigo)
( 15% Off)
₹19,541.50 ₹22,990.00
Goody Plus Stroller (Graphite, Black)
( 14% Off)
₹19,771.40 ₹22,990.00
Goody Plus Stroller (Pink)
( 14% Off)
₹18,911.40 ₹21,990.00
Simplicity Plus Stroller (India Ink, Blue)
( 11% Off)
₹15,121.10 ₹16,990.00
Simplicity Plus Stroller (Scarlet, Red)
( 13% Off)
₹13,911.30 ₹15,990.00
Multiway 2 Stroller (Fire, Red)
( 30% Off)
₹11,193.00 ₹15,990.00
Trolleyme Stroller (Stone, Black)
( 10% Off)
₹13,941.00 ₹15,490.00
Lite Way 4 Stroller (Jet Black)
( 25% Off)
₹9,742.50 ₹12,990.00
Echo Strollers (Stone, Black)
( 9% Off)
₹11,820.90 ₹12,990.00
Lite Way 4 Stroller (Hydra, Blue)
( 25% Off)
₹9,367.50 ₹12,490.00
Echo Strollers (Scarlet, Red)
Echo Strollers - Mr Blue
( 25 %OFF)
₹9,367.50 ₹12,490.00

The child-friendly means of transport: the Chicco stroller

With three or four wheels, light, foldable and equipped with all the accessories for the comfort of the child: the Chicco strollers are the ideal choice for moving with friends with the help of a functional product designed to meet all the needs of newborns. and their parents. Perfect for taking a ride in the center or going out to the park with the whole family, the Chicco models combine modern design and high practicality: a true ally of the most dynamic parents who want to take advantage of a small, safe and comfortable means of transport for the child.

For the comfort of the child, inside and outside the home

Lightness, strength and versatility are the characteristics that make the Chicco stroller frame the perfect base to support the child's seat. In fact, the mechanism allows the backrest to be reclined with one hand to set the most suitable position for the needs of the child outside the home. The super comfortable padding and the legrest give great comfort to the child, and the wide seat ensures ample freedom of movement. In the design, great attention was also paid to its safety: Chicco strollers are complete with belts and bumper sleeves, as well as wheels designed to give maximum stability even when traveling on an uneven surface. The extendable hood is also inevitable, useful for protecting from the sun, which makes Chicco strollers the perfect choice in any season.

Practicality and ease of use

The captivating and modern design manages to combine the needs of the passenger with the needs of the parents. The lightweight models are in fact easily foldable, thanks to the innovative book-like opening system that allows them to be closed with just one hand. Once folded, the size and low weight allow mum and dad to easily store the product at home or in the trunk of the car. The compatibility of the models proposed by Chicco with the various Stroller Accessories, which allow you to customize the means of transport adapting it to any need: from the rain covers to go out in peace even on cloudy days, to the special bag to carry the folded stroller with you with the help of a comfortable backpack, passing through the mattresses that transform the carrycot into a real mobile cradle. A proposal full of everything you need to better enjoy your parenting.