His Dummy, a precious ally

Suction is a fundamental natural instinct. This allows the baby to feed himself, but it is also a fundamental mean to be comforted and to be reassured. Furthermore, through sucking the baby learns to coordinate breathing and swallowing, to stimulate the function of the face muscles and to correctly develop his mouth. The dummy, is used, then plays a key role, that's why it is advisable to perfectly select a properly designed product, which adapts to the mouth and ensures a correct distribution of the pressure of the tongue on the palate. And it's right the functionality of the tongue while sucking that pushes on the palate and causes its physiological widening allowing the correct formation of the oral cavity. The dummy is then a precious ally for the mouth of the child.

But not only that: According to a study published in Pediatrics, the official journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, the use of the dummy during sleep may help reduce the risk of SIDS because breathing is facilitated thanks to the position of the tongue, and the baby's sleep is less deep. Obviously, further than the features of the dummy, its correct use is vital: it's extremely important to avoid dipping the dummy in sweet substances because this may lead to tooth cavities and accustom the child right from his early age to excessively sweet tastes. It's a good thing to not give the dummy to the baby as soon as he starts crying, because he communicates with his mum by crying. And also the duration of his use is important: the Health Ministry recommends to discontinue the dummy within the 36 months of ages, starting, after 24 months of dissuasive actions in order to induce the baby to leave it aside.