Let's go walking

Being able to spend time in open air and enjoy healthy sun rays is, for the baby, a source of new experiences and fun, an antidote against boredom and perhaps the tension accumulated in so many days spent at home. 

Children love to go out and observe what is happening around them, colorful cars, large noisy buses, people walking, dogs on their leash, all these images are a real nourishment for the curiosity and the fantasy of our little one. Let's then organise with everything we may need for his change and for a snack without forgetting a jacked should the temperature falls down and then... off we go!

An important ally is the stroller as well, light and easy to handle, easy to be folded and to be loaded on the car and complete of any accessory: a rain cover for bad weather days but also a device for the protection from sun rays. And let's not forget that shielding the delicate eyes of our baby is important even if the sun is not especially strong, let's use then a protective net or a properly directed umbrella for removing that annoying glare. A stroller which can also be put in rear facing configuration, is the ideal for sharing the experience of the stroll, chatting and commenting together the events, the landscape, the people....