Lightweight stroller: how to choose the best

A walk through the park among pebbles, a greeting to the grandmother who lives on the third floor, a run to the supermarket with slalom among the people, then all back in the car, not before having taken an ice cream.

Each parent's daily routine includes many small - large movements on mixed routes, in the company of their child.

A light stroller can be the ideal ally to carry your baby in total simplicity, just choose the right one.

Here are the characteristics to be evaluated to choose the best light stroller.

Closing speed

The closing speed is a prerequisite, for example, when you have to load the stroller in the boot and the child is already sitting in the car seat.

The lightweight stroller must close easily, with minimal effort, even better with just one hand. Before buying it, therefore, it is always better to do a test of closing, considering however, that in everyday life, a hand will surely be used in other thousand activities.

Compact when closed

Once the light stroller is closed, it must become super-compact and guarantee a small footprint. This makes it also suitable for the luggage racks of smaller cars and for easy storage, in confined spaces, such as in restaurants, at friends' homes, by train, by plane.

Maximum comfort

Once opened, however, the light stroller must be functional and practical and above all comfortable and comfortable.

Therefore, it is important to check that the seats are padded and, above all, that the backrest and legrests are completely reclining, essential requisites to allow the child to rest and sleep in peace.