That annoying reddening

During the first months of life, a baby's skin is still very thin, with a thickness that is approximately half that of adults, tendentially dry and therefore, especially sensitive to external agents.

That's why it is subject to frequent cases of redness and irritation and some times dermatitis, mainly in the nappy area, especially in children ages 3 months to 1 year old.

The causes are primarily prolonged skin contact with organic compounds, coupled with skin maceration and the occlusive action and mechanical friction exerted by the nappy when the baby moves.


During weaning, these phenomena may be aggravated as a result of the shift from an exclusively milk-based diet to the introduction of new foods.

To reduce the occurrence of these phenomena, it is a good idea to change the nappy frequently and leave the baby without it as long as possible, cleanse and dry skin folds gently and without rubbing. Lastly after cleansing and drying, apply a layer of zinc oxide-based protective and rehydrating ointment to soothe any irritations and insulate the skin from contact with irritants. Spend special care in choosing and treatment products of your child skin cleansing, is a further evidence of your care and nurturing, because love, you know it, is skin deep.